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CAPEC List Version 3.9

Total Attack Patterns: 559

Latest Version

The Common Attack Pattern Enumeration and Classification (CAPEC™) effort provides a publicly available catalog of attack patterns along with a comprehensive schema and classification taxonomy. The entire list of CAPEC entries developed to date is accessible below for review or download.

Navigate CAPEC

Use one of the hierarchical representations below to navigate the entire list according to your specific point of view. The Mechanisms of Attack representation organizes attack patterns hierarchically based on mechanisms that are frequently employed when exploiting a vulnerability. The Domains of Attack representation organizes items by the target domains for each attack pattern.

External Mappings

These views are used to represent mappings to external groupings such as a Top-N list, as well as to express subsets of entries that are related by some external factor.

Helpful Views

A number of additional helpful views have been created. These are based on a specific criteria and hope to provide insight for a certain domain or use case.

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Page Last Updated or Reviewed: September 30, 2019