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CAPEC List Version 3.9

Total Attack Patterns: 559


Archive Bundle Content Schema Documentation

The following tables contains alternative formats for viewing the CAPEC List. The options are:

  • Booklet.html: A webpage containing the rendered HTML representation of the desired CAPEC ID, and all dependent Attack Patterns, Views, or Categories.
  • A compressed CSV file containing the fields of the desired Attack Patterns related to this View.
  • A compressed XML file containing the desired CAPEC ID, dependent Attack Patterns, Views, Categories, and all required External References.

Navigate CAPEC

Mechanisms of Attack Booklet.html
Domains of Attack Booklet.html

External Mappings

WASC Threat Classification 2.0 Booklet.html
ATT&CK Related Patterns Booklet.html
OWASP Related Patterns Booklet.html

Helpful Views

Industrial Control System (ICS) Patterns Booklet.html
Supply Chain Risks Booklet.html
Mobile Device Patterns Booklet.html
Comprehensive CAPEC Dictionary Booklet.html
Meta Abstractions Booklet.html
Standard Abstractions Booklet.html
Detailed Abstractions Booklet.html
Deprecated Entries Booklet.html
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