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Calendar of Events - 2015 Archive

Contact to have MITRE brief or participate in panel discussions at your event.

Date Event Location Description
Dec 10 2015 Industrial Internet West Coast Forum San Diego, California, USA "Beyond the Hype: Deploying the Industrial IoT in the Real World" discussion panel
Dec 3 2015 Software and Supply Chain Assurance Winter Working Group 2015 Washington, DC, USA "CWE/CAPEC - How Can We Better Use Scoring Systems (CVSS, CWSS, CWE 3.0)" briefing
Oct 27 2015 MISRA & Security Best Practices – PRQA Fall Seminar Dearborn, Michigan, USA "CAPEC/CWE - Prioritizing Security Vulnerabilities and Focused Testing" and "CAPEC/CWE - Capturing and Communicating Assurance" briefings
Oct 19 2015 Open Group Enabling Boundaryless Information Flow Edinburgh, UK "CWE/CAPEC - Prioritizing Security Vulnerabilities and Gaining Assurance" briefing
Oct 1-31 2015 National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) United States Topics: raise awareness about cybersecurity and increase resiliency in event of a cyber incident
Aug 31-Sep 2 2015 Software and Supply Chain Assurance Fall Forum 2015 Washington, DC USA "CWE/CAPEC - Integrated Analysis/Reporting of Multiple Tools" briefing & "CWE/CAPEC - Clarity & Conciseness in Due Diligence Relevant Communications" briefing
Jun 3 2015 Software and Supply Chain Assurance Summer Working Group 2015 Washington, DC USA "CWE/CAPEC - Supply Chain Risk Scoring Systems: Lessons Learned with CVSS/CWSS" briefing
Mar 24 2015 CISQ Seminar - Measuring and Managing Software Risk, Security, and Technical Debt Reston, Virginia, USA "CWE/CAPEC - Latest Advances in Assurance Regarding Cybersecurity Weaknesses" briefing
Mar 11 2015 Software and Supply Chain Assurance Spring Forum 2015 Washington, DC USA "CWE/CAPEC - Capturing and Communicating Assurance with Standards" briefing
Feb 2 2015 Open Group Conference 2015 San Diego, California, USA "CWE/CAPEC - Building a Software Assurance Road-map and Using It Effectively" briefing
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