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Differences between 2.12 and 3.0 Content

Special note:

A difference report from CAPEC Version 2.12 to CAPEC Version 3.0 would be a result of schema changes and not reflect updated content.


Total (3.0) (not including Deprecated) 577
Total (2.12) (not including Deprecated) 577

Summary of Entry Types

Type 2.12 3.0
Views 9 9
Categories 49 49
Attack Patterns 519 519
Deprecated 70 70

Attack Pattern Changes

New Patterns Added

Existing Patterns Modified with Enhanced Material

Patterns Deprecated

Category Changes

New Categories Added

Existing Categories Modified with Enhanced Material

Categories Deprecated

View Changes

Views Added

Existing Views Modified with Enhanced Material

Views Deprecated

Mapping Changes

CAPEC --> CWE Mappings Added

CAPEC --> CWE Mappings Removed

CAPEC --> CAPEC Mappings Added

CAPEC --> CAPEC Mappings Removed
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Page Last Updated or Reviewed: August 01, 2018