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Building the CAPEC List is a community effort. This page provides a "CAPEC Attack Pattern Data Content Submission Questionnaire Form" by which developers, testers, educators, and other members of the information security community can submit new attack patterns or edits to existing attack pattern data to the CAPEC Content Team so they can be reviewed, assigned a CAPEC-ID if applicable, and published on the CAPEC List for use by the community.

Submission Instructions

Please download the "CAPEC Attack Pattern Data Content Submission Form" below and answer all questions using an Adobe Reader. Simply click on a radio button to make your selection, or click on a text box and type your answer.

IMPORTANT: Please use a separate form for each submission.

Returning the Form

Please email the completed form to us by following these steps: (1) save the filled-out form to your computer by selecting "Save As" in the File menu of Adobe Reader once you have answered all of the questions, (2) attach the saved form to an email message, (3) address the message to capec@mitre.org, (4) enter "CAPEC Content Submission" in the subject line, and (5) press send.

Download the Submission Form

You must use Adobe Reader to complete this form. Please save the file to your desktop then open it with Adobe Reader per the instructions above.

CAPEC Attack Pattern Data Content Submission Form, PDF (136 KB)

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Page Last Updated or Reviewed: January 10, 2017