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CAPEC-610: Cellular Data Injection

Cellular Data Injection
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Attack Pattern ID: 610
Abstraction: Detailed
Status: Stable
Completeness: Stub
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+ Summary

Adversaries inject data into mobile technology traffic (data flows or signaling data) to disrupt communications or conduct additional surveillance operations.

+ Attack Prerequisites
  • None

+ Typical Severity


+ Attacker Skills or Knowledge Required

Skill or Knowledge Level: High

Often achieved by nation states in conjunction with commercial cellular providers to conduct cellular traffic intercept and possible traffic injection.

+ Solutions and Mitigations

Commercial defensive technology to detect and alert to any attempts to modify mobile technology data flows or to inject new data into existing data flows and signaling data.

+ Attack Motivation-Consequences
ScopeTechnical ImpactNote
DoS: resource consumption (other)
Attackers can disrupt or deny mobile technology communications and operations.
Modify application data
Attackers can inject false data into data or signaling system data flows of communications and operations, or re-route data flows or signaling data for the purpose of further data intercept and capture.
+ Technical Context
Architectural Paradigms
+ Content History
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