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CAPEC-596: TCP RST Injection

TCP RST Injection
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Attack Pattern ID: 596
Abstraction: Detailed
Status: Draft
Completeness: Complete
Presentation Filter:
+ Summary

An adversary injects one or more TCP RST packets to a target after the target has made a HTTP GET request. The goal of this attack is to have the target and/or destination web server terminate the TCP connection.

+ Attack Prerequisites
  • An On/In Path Device

+ Purposes
  • Exploitation
+ References
[R.41.1] [REF-2] John-Paul Verkamp and Minaxi Gupta. "Inferring Mechanics of Web Censorship Around the World". USENIX. 2012.
+ Content History
Seamus Tuohy2017-01-03External_Submission

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