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CAPEC-559: Orbital Jamming

Orbital Jamming
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Attack Pattern ID: 559
Abstraction: Detailed
Status: Draft
Completeness: Stub
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+ Summary

In this attack pattern, the adversary sends disruptive signals at a target satellite using a rogue uplink station to disrupt the intended transmission. Those within the satellite's footprint are prevented from reaching the satellite's targeted or neighboring channels. The satellite's footprint size depends upon its position in the sky; higher orbital satellites cover multiple continents.

+ Attack Prerequisites
  • This attack requires the knowledge of the satellite's coordinates for targeting.

+ Typical Severity


+ Typical Likelihood of Exploit

Likelihood: Low

+ Resources Required

A satellite uplink station.

+ Attack Motivation-Consequences
ScopeTechnical ImpactNote
A successful attack will deny the availability of the satellite communications for authorized users.
+ References
[R.17.1] [REF-2] Small Media. "Satellite Jamming in Iran: A War over Airwaves". November 2012.
+ Content History
Seamus Tuohy2017-01-12External_Submission

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