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Category ID: 515
Status: Draft
+ Description


Attack patterns within this category focus on the exploitation of the physical hardware used in computing systems. The techniques defined by each pattern reflect the replacement, destruction, modification and exploitation of hardware components that make up a system in an attempt to achieve a desired negative technical impact. Attacks against hardware component fall into several broad categories depending upon the relative sophistication of the attacker and the type of systems that are targeted. Attacks against hardware components differ from software attacks in that hardware-based attacks target the chips, circuit boards, device ports, or other components that comprise a computer system or embedded system. Sophisticated attacks may involve adding or removing jumpers to an exposed system, or applying sensors to portions of the motherboard to read data as it traverses the system bus.
+ Relationships
NatureTypeIDNameView(s) this relationship pertains toView(s)
HasMemberMeta Attack PatternMeta Attack Pattern169Footprinting
Domains of Attack (primary)3000
HasMemberMeta Attack PatternMeta Attack Pattern440Hardware Integrity Attack
Domains of Attack (primary)3000
HasMemberMeta Attack PatternMeta Attack Pattern441Malicious Logic Insertion
Domains of Attack (primary)3000
MemberOfViewView3000Domains of Attack
Domains of Attack3000
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