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CAPEC CATEGORY: WASC-41 - XML Attribute Blowup

WASC-41 - XML Attribute Blowup
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Category ID: 374
Status: Draft
+ Description


This category is related to the WASC Threat Classification 2.0 item XML Attribute Blowup
+ Relationships
NatureTypeIDNameView(s) this relationship pertains toView(s)
HasMemberDetailed Attack PatternDetailed Attack Pattern229XML Attribute Blowup
WASC Threat Classification 2.0 (primary)333
MemberOfViewView333WASC Threat Classification 2.0
WASC Threat Classification 2.0333
+ References
[R.374.1] [REF-1] "WASC Threat Classification 2.0". WASC-41 - XML Attribute Blowup. The Web Application Security Consortium (WASC). 2010. <http://projects.webappsec.org/XML-Attribute-Blowup>.
+ Content History
CAPEC Content TeamThe MITRE Corporation2014-06-23Internal_CAPEC_Team
CAPEC Content TeamThe MITRE Corporation2017-08-04Updated RelationshipsInternal

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