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CAPEC-162: Manipulating Hidden Fields

Manipulating Hidden Fields
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Attack Pattern ID: 162
Abstraction: Detailed
Status: Draft
Completeness: Stub
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+ Summary

An attacker exploits a weakness in the server's trust of client-side processing by modifying data on the client-side, such as price information, and then submitting this data to the server to effect a change in the state of an ordinary transaction. eShoplifting is a data manipulation attack against an on-line merchant during a purchasing transaction. The manipulation of price, discount or quantity fields in the transaction message allows the attacker to acquire items at a lower cost than the merchant intended. The attacker performs a normal purchasing transaction but edits hidden fields within the HTML form response that store price or other information to give themselves a better deal. The merchant then uses the modified pricing information in calculating the cost of the selected items.

+ Attack Prerequisites
  • The targeted merchant site must use a shopping cart that does not obfuscate the transaction data and does not validate pricing with back end processing.

+ Typical Severity


+ Resources Required

The attacker must be able to craft HTTP responses to the target's shopping site.

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2015-12-07Manipulating hidden fields to change the normal flow of transactions (eShoplifting)
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